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Clearpower is a leading Bioenergy company whose mission is to partner with commercial, industrial and government clients to realise material reductions in operating costs and CO2 emissions by:

  • Replacing fossil fuel heat or power systems with best in class Bioenergy solutions
  • Collecting and processing waste organic materials to produce valuable fertilisers and Bioenergy fuels

Clearpower has designed and built, and now operate and maintain over 80 Bioenergy installations, comprising over 40MW of energy. Our clients include government institutions, large public companies, universities, hospitals, hotels and property and infrastructure developers. We have the exclusive agency for a number of leading biomass equipment manufacturers, and currently recycle over 80,000 tonnes of organic material per annum over 10,000 hectares of land. This recycling process utilises the valuable nutrients as organic fertiliser, increases crop yields and reduces chemical fertilizer usage.

Our services and solutions comprise:

Bioenergy solutions :

  • Design and build of Bioenergy heating and power solutions and district heating schemes
  • Nationwide supply of wood chip, wood pellets and other Bioenergy fuels

Environmental services :

  • Organic waste recycling for industrial and municipal water treatment and purification plants
  • Nutrient management planning and IT systems

ESCO developments :

  • Investment in Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) under a design, build, own, finance, operate model