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Installing biomass heating systems is where Clearpower started out in 2002. We now have a significant level of experience in delivering and maintaining these systems. We are not an agent for any particular make of biomass boiler – we will install and maintain any good quality biomass boiler. There are many factors involved in the boiler selection process and one make of boiler will not satisfy every customers requirements. To date we have installed Heizomat, Viessmann (KOB), Herz, Compte-R, Woodco, Kara and VAS boilers. We have maintained all of the aforementioned and also Schmid, Gilles, Froling, KWB, Linka, Hoval, among others. Our largest installation to date was a CCHP/trigeneration facility (it provides heat, cooling and electrical power) at BSkyB offices in London in 2010.


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